Stars & Comets - Before / After school care
2019 / 

LIC # C950796


HOURS OF OPERATION:  stars and comets is open from 6:30 Am until school begins and then from school dismissal until 6:00 PM.  on Full days (when school is not in session), care is available from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM.

What’s included:  in short, everything.  after your initial registration fee, your tuition payment covers care and much more.  there are no additional charges for full days or weeks (during the school year), half days, field trips, special activities, or snacks.  additional fees would only result from late pickup, late payment, or participation in club sports.

CLASSROOMS:  EACH GRADE LEVEL HAS THEIR OWN AGE APPROPRIATE CLASSROOM with games, activities, supplies, and manipulatives geared towards their age level.  all classrooms are located on the 2nd floor of palm harbor united methodist church.  parents can access the 2nd floor by stairs or elevator.

staff:  Each staff is thoroughly background checked and have been working with children for many years.  All staff are trained extensively within their first year of employment about working specifically with school age children.  staff will make weekly lesson plans for their own groups, scheduling activities that are age appropriate and interesting to the children in their group.  They will also maintain the low teacher / student ratios of 1:16 or less - something you won’t find @ most other facilities.

SNACK: EACH AFTERNOON a NUTRITIOUS SNACK IS PROVIDED.  a calendar of those snacks is available outside the office.

HOMEWORK TIME:  EACH CLASS WILL HAVE A Quiet time / homework time in their classroom.  During that time students can work on homework or read.  If a student still has homework after that time is over, they can choose to go to study hall and finish in a continued quiet and conducive atmosphere.

play time / outdoor Time:  We find it extremely important that all students have the opportunity to get outside and play every day.  if the weather does not permit us to do so, indoor active games may be done in the classroom or in our large multi-purpose room.

CLASSROOM STATIONS:  Each room will have age appropriate choices of activities for students to play during free time.  Those choices may include:  board games, art supplies, blocks or building materials, creative play or “dress up” materials, computers, video games, and more.

schedule:  a typical afternoon will begin with snack and then proceed to quiet time.  After quiet time a group game, activity, or art project will be completed.  after the group activity, students will proceed outside for play on either our field or one of our two playgrounds (age appropriate).  as the day finishes, students will return upstairs for stations and A free choice of activities until pickup by 6:00 PM.  before school care consists of Free time and quiet activities in a relaxed atmosphere.  Often a short movie or cartoon will be offered.

tuition payments:  Payments are made Electronically on a bi-weekly or Monthly Basis.  Payments are due on monday of the week listed.  Payments not made by wednesday of that week may be assessed a late payment fee.

CLUB SPORTS:  currently stars & comets offers 4 club sports activities: Golf, flag football, dance, and CHEERLEADING, which are considered an addition to regular care and have an additional cost attached to them.  students may also choose to participate in children’s choir, a free program offered by palm harbor united methodist church.

how to get Started:  download the current registration packet now FROM THE REGISTRATION PAGE (CLICK HERE TO BE DIRECTED THERE), fill it out and return it to the stars and comets office along with your registration fee and first bi-weekly tuition payment.  you can contact the stars and comets office for more information, to check availability, or schedule a tour before registration by phone - (727) 781 - 6343  or E-mail -